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by The Static Architect

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djinn13 thumbnail
djinn13 Nick has a great collection of songs which is sure to put his stamp on the industrial scene, can't wait to see how he expands his musical talents.
Tom Quinn
Tom Quinn thumbnail
Tom Quinn This is a great debut album! It's been a long time since I've heard an album with such a great grinding industrial feel to it. I can't wait for more. Favorite track: Mine.
denmom thumbnail
denmom Nick's got a great first album here! I'm looking forward to hearing more from him! Favorite track: Undertow (instrumental).
Electric Dream Society
Electric Dream Society thumbnail
Electric Dream Society This debut album is a darkly aggressive, mood-driven work of art – a welcome addition to any electronic music fan’s arsenal. Favorite track: Love.
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Break 03:03
You think things are fine around you but I've been locked inside my head The sky is falling down upon you all the black becoming red Crack the glass and smash the mirror I no longer want to see The fragments of my fate seem clearer ..and there is not much left of me!
Mine 04:09
I don't know what you want from me I don't know what you are I don't know why I do these things or why it goes too far So you gave to me what you will never ever see and you will never know.. what it did to me how bad it felt when I put the knife inside but you'd never believe me but you say I didn't try I did not do what you want to then it wasn't my idea of what to put you through This thing that wasn't mine I could show you the door and you'd walk through it but you wouldn't like what you would find You could bring me down with just one word and then the only thing that's left is the emptiness that's inside Then you gave to me what you will never ever see and you will never know.. what it did to me how bad it felt when I put the knife inside You said you'd never deceive me but you said you didn't lie You did not do what I want to you know it wasn't my idea of what I want from you This thing that wasn't mine
Down in the park where the machmen meet the machines and play 'Kill by numbers' Down in the park with a friend called 'Five' I was in a car crash Or was it the war But I've never been Quite the same Little white lies Like 'I was there' Come to 'Zom Zoms' A place to eat Like it was built In one day You can watch the humans Trying to run Oh look There's a rape machine I'd go outside If he'd look the other way You wouldn't believe The things they do Down in the park Where the chant is 'Death, death, death' Until the sun cries morning Down in the park With friends of mine We are not lovers We are not romantics 'We are here to serve you' A different face But the words never change
Rewired 03:50
Out by the wall where the snakes all crawl and I know Damn little moles in the hole I can't give'em any more and the sounds they will make it's like a bad mouth seventh son and it drones when they come in the night past the fading sun The machine's all crawling down your back now you cannot stand for the hack that leads you to the black-top down where you land Taking all your parts dis-assembling your heart now you'll redefine we have no room for any liars so we're taking all your wires until you fall in line Your thoughts of what you would never never want to do anything The scrapes on your hands you never bother they're healin' anyway Now you're breaking apart and you can't see the park through the fog Why you never finish what you start with your digital/analog
Move along the passage dreaming aimlessly asleep on the pillow they come crawling back to me the rabbit goes down the hole lying I try to breathe intentionally escaping as far as the mind can see a weak faded image fragile symmetry following all the mystery that reveals itself to me the rabbit goes down the hole conspiring to deceive cleverly masquerading see what you want to see tumbling down the hole all that I can perceive I think I'll soon be trapped here they'll never let me leave but the tape is now running empty it's grip is now loosening returning to old reality and all that I used to be
Love 04:58
there is a hole that finds a way through the hollowest of hearts it lightens up your day while it's tearing you apart it wants to take away all the hope that you've been stealing it tries to make you free from the burden of your feelings i don't care if you need love i don't care if you speak love i don't care if you feel love i don't care if it's real love there is a time and there's a place for all the emptiness to start scoring lines upon your face and dropping blood into your art bittersweet the aftertaste and all the parts that you've been healing all the warmth that time erased on the floor you'll soon be kneeling all your demons giving chase all the shadows creeping in over the pool of your disgrace the final notes of violin lasting memories will fade all the time that you've been wasting only wish that you could trade for one more moment left embracing
Nobody Else 03:59
descending the delicate hope of my whole endeavor the shape you take expecting me not to notice and I hide inside myself without a sound without emotion my mind inside biding my time and I will be fine even though my heart is broken for the millionth time I won't be fallen self-sustained I will find a way to live until the pain subsides grace and purity you never had not at all convincing they look upon your empty promises and fail to see you cheat out for yourself no one else no one important nobody else no one at all even though my heart is broken for the millionth time I won't be fallen self-sustained I will find a way to live until the pain subsides and when you think you can judge someone in your pathetic life know you're nothing better your narcissistic self-importance will never lead you right


released August 28, 2017


Produced by: Nick McLaren + Matt Reeves
Studios: ÆRØ Studio (Austin, TX)
Engineering + Mastering: Matt Reeves
Artwork: Nick McLaren

All songs written, arranged, programmed and performed by Nick McLaren (except where noted below)
©2017 Nicholas Allen McLaren

"Down in the Park"
Written by Gary Numan
Copyright Universal Songs of Polygram International Inc
Programmed and performed by Nick McLaren




all rights reserved



The Static Architect California

The Static Architect is the noisy alter-ego of Nick McLaren, based out of the Inland Empire, California. Sounds consist of an amalgamation of noise, guitars, and electronics. A sonic hack into your virtual soul.

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